Lorenz Italian Classic

Lorenz was born in Milano in 1934, in the famous fashion street via Monte Napoleone.

The founder and master watchmaker Tullio Bolletta sees the possibility to combine in one timepiece the sophisticated Italian style and the Swiss watch technique.

In 1951 are produced the first exclusive Lorenz movements with 19 and 25 rubis and incabloc anti-shock balance wheel.

In 1960 Lorenz wins its first international design award (Compasso D’oro) with Static table clock designed by Richard Sapper.

In the early 1970s Lorenz presents once again an avant-garde collection, called Directime. Still with mechanical movements, these watches are characterised by their “jumping hours”.

During the 80’s in collaboration with the most important Japanese watch manufacturer, Lorenz introduces a new line of sport chronographs with alarm.

In 1984, exactly half a century after it was founded, Lorenz celebrated its historic headquarters with its new Montenapoleone collection. Supremely elegant in every detail, it employs the finest materials and manufacturing techniques.

In the second half of the 80’s came the Neos collection – a veritable challenge in terms of technical innovation and design.

In 1994 the first Anniversaire model, which retraced the history of Lorenz and took inspiration from its 1950s designs, was launched to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

In 2006 the name Neos was again called upon to embody a perfect fusion of Lorenz’s vision: Italian design and Swiss watch-making technology. In 2008 Neos wrist watch chronograph with sandwich construction wins again the Compasso D’oro.

In 2015 Lorenz sells the brand to Leader watch Company, an expert player in the watch field in Italy, which relaunch the brand both from the point of view of the collection and the visibility.

Lorenz today offers a line of classic watches for gents and ladies; the brand value are inspired by its long history and tradition and means to maintain high quality products, excellent technical specifications at very competitive prices. The brand inspires to the concept “Italian Classic since 1934”blending watchmaking competence, quality of the materials, innovative and classic designs.

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